Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hong Kong Mid Levels Wealth Creation

Hong Kong Mid Levels Wealth Creation

The Mid Levels in Hong Kong are residential areas of very tall, luxury apartment buildings, on the steep slopes of Victoria Peak. Access is by taxi, special occupier shuttle buses, and of course the famous Hong Kong cable car. This is all reminiscent to the writer, of Wellington City in NZ which has a Mount Victoria and a cable car to Kelburn, to Victoria University.

The mid levels are occupied by wealthier people. These might include Chinese business owners, professional people like doctors and lawyers, and ex-pat British and Western people who are in Hong Kong for specified periods like one to three years, for example, working under contract to either large business corporations or HongKong government departments. Entrepreneurs and business affiliates may have accumulated large private Wealth and have a luxury apartment or a condominium in this prestigious area of financially booming Hong Kong. Wealth creation is really what this Chinese city is all about. Note the tall financial buildings for The Bank Of China (Hong Kong), The HSBC and The Hang Seng Bank as well as the American Citibank, Standard and the Government of the HK Special Administrative Region.

Traffic problems in HongKong are minimal, thanks to the public transportation systems, including the MTR where a universal Octopus Card gets you around... also on public buses, mini buses and in some food outlets. Generally the City has the traffic problem solved and so business people can move freely, goods can be transported faster, tourists can really enjoy a shopping visit in the vast shopping malls of this duty free zone of Hong Kong, an administrative region of China, since 1997.

I took the Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong in August of 2013. I love the smooth landing into the Lantau Island based, HK International Airport. This is one of the busiest airports in the World, when you consider the added export trade from mainland China. Booming is a constant trend for the large, modern, advanced city of Hong Kong. Thanks for reading my brief article. The Mid Levels in HK is a popular spot for lovers, too, who often take their romantic, engagement photos from the very top of Hong Kong's Victoria Peak. Commerce continues below... and don't miss the City's laser light show at 8pm.

Geoff Dodd

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