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Hong Kong Attractions and Information

Introduction & Welcome To Hong Kong


Hong Kong weather

Because of the Island geography of the SAR, Hong Kong weather is often humid, almost sub-tropical in its nature and it is likely that you'll feel your energy will be sapped.. The island is also subject to severe typhoons in the storm season. Be prepared for changing weather conditions.

Hong Kong shopping

Hong Kong shopping is absolutely brilliant. There are dozens of night markets, quite close to hotels, where you will grab a real bargain. Then there are huge malls like Ellements. Many electronics goods are sold duty free, thanks to the low or zero duty levied. Look out for hawkers and hustlers on lower Nathan Road, on the Kowloon side. They can pester you and be a total nuisance. They represent tailors and watch sellers, for example. You'll enjoy the walk along the waterfront in this older part of Kowloon or TST.

Question: Is Hong Kong a country?

Question: Is Hong Kong a country? No, it's a part of China. It is called a Special Administrative Region of China, or S.A.R., after 1997 when it was acceded to the People's Republic Of China, by The United Kingdom. It is separate from Macau but connected by regular ferries. Public transport runs to and from Mainland China, but visas are more complex for the mainland tourist.

Hong Kong Airport

The Hong Kong Airport is on Lantau Island. It is extremely well organized. It's also one of the largest and busiest in the World, when the freight is counted. There are good shopping facilities at the airport, as well as bus and train terminals, banking facilities and rental cars.

A Hong Kong visa

A Hong Kong visa is very generous to Westerners. On arrival, a Western person will generally get an automatic 90 days stay. This is what an Australian or a New Zealander gets. I assume that tourists and visitors from The United States and The United Kingdom, and most European countries, will receive the same open arms welcome to HongKong. Double check this visa requirement in detail for your specific country of departure.

The Hong Kong Post

The Hong Kong Post is a local and international news, current affairs and business, and good financial newspaper with an online version. There is minimal editorial bias.


Top Attractions: Hong Kong Disneyland - HongKong Disneyland Resort is massive, because it is home to both Hong Kong Disneyland Park and two Disney Hotels. See more about things to do on Lantau Island, below.

Things To Do In HongKong:

There are various, exciting things to do in Hong Kong. On Lantau Island, near the airport, you can go on a sky way cable ride up to the giant Buddha statue and temple at the top. The scenery seen going up the mountain is absolutely breath taking. Lantau Island also has the Disneyland facilities of an excellent theme park plus two high standard hotels. A must see, including the fireworks at night, all synchronized. The City has a fantastic laser light show at 8pm every night, across the harbour, with laser lights scanning into patterns from atop the business and financial centre buildings over a distance of about a kilometre. The harbour is a mysterious mixture of old and new Hong Kong. The MTR underground rail network is fast, extensive and very well organized. You buy an Octopus electronic credit card for riding on the MTR rail and the ferry. Restaurants in Hong Kong cover a wide range of international tastes. You can find food at very reasonable prices, especially in the tiny restaurants catering for the local Chinese population. The local dialect is Cantonese, while visitors from the mainland speak Chinese Mandarin. Enjoy your time shopping, eating and sightseeing in Hong Kong, SAR. Take time, using the MTR and seek out the hidden parks and gardens.


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