Thursday, September 11, 2014

QOINPRO is Giving More and More

Yes, is extending its generosity even further in the cryptocurrency realm. As more and more Internet currencies are being created, is gifting, daily, amounts of these Internet mediums of exchange and payment - literally giving this money away to YOU.

What exactly is the Qoinpro offer? They boast:

"....   we will credit your QoinPro wallet with 0.00000250 BitCoins , 0.00007671 LiteCoins , 0.00604838 FeatherCoins and 0.24640460 Virtacoins. Furthermore, we will add more coins to your QoinPro wallet every single day."

This is simply an offer that is too good to refuse!


 WHY? Because the value of one Bitcoin or BTC has grown from one hundredth of one cent to over a thousand U.S. dollars, in a very short period of time. That is an increase of a million fold. What a no-brainer choice THIS is ...

They continue......

"With QoinPro you can collect multiple digital currencies at the same time. Simply sign-up and receive the free coins every day. There is no limit.

Beautiful models in Hong Kong, including Chinese, Korean and Philippinos are accepting this gift of financial security for their future. We advise you that there is NO cost to you ever for accepting the Qoin Pro offer. But why would they give these Internet currencies away?? Simply to help with global promotion of the crypto-currencies..... as confidence falls in the greenback, the $U.S. and as other countries, notably China, try to make their Yuan, RMB or a gold basket replace the greenback as the official world reserve currency, then safety and relative security may reside in the BTC. The Bitcoin has already increased a million times in value. That is, it has multiplied x 1,000,000 without any work so grab your offer as fast as your legs can carry you. Run down from your Mid Levels, Hong Kong luxury apartment, don't wait for the shuttle bus from Mid Levels. Get on your laptop or smartphone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 right now. Click through my Web links here and start to receive your daily gifts of BTC and DOGE, LTC, TIPS, EAC, WDC, DGC, IFC, FTC and more cryptographic monetary forms, or Internet currencies from this web site.

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  1. Apologies for the reversed print. Read this page carefully and get your free daily allotments of many Internet currencies, at Qoinpro. There's absolutely no catch. It's a promotional GIFT.