Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inner Beauty As Radiant Health

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Radiant Beauty Is Really Inner Health

When you see a beautiful person out in the world, what are you really perceiving? Is it the physical features? Does the man or woman have 'average' features such as the nose, ears, eyes and mouth? Is the figure stereotypical - just as you might see in the movies or in an ad on TV? No. When you 'see' beauty you are possibly and probably perceiving something totally different!

What do you see? Well first, you have a feeling. That's something made up from thousands of little pieces of information. A feeling, a vibrational matching, more like a color. A vibe. You pick up a radiance that comes from the inside of the person. It is expressed through the emotional life of the person. So a beautiful woman is smiling, moving, posing in a very subtle way. She feels what she is doing. Emotions are being projected on to the big screen of life. In fact, it is theatre. But listen carefully.. only real health can be at the source, the root of this. Real, vitamin-driven, pro-biotic supported, radiant health from the inside out.

So any man or woman wanting to impress with their beauty, attractiveness, handsomeness, etc., must have a real condition of physical health. Cosmetics, implants, cosmetic surgery won't cut it. I'm sorry Hollywood but you've got to be real. Inner glow, radiance of real purity and healthy living are the ingredients, the recipe for outer physical beauty. Let's replace your cigarettes, beer and rum and coke with apple, tomato or pineapple juice and watch the results. Give it a 12 months trial. Beauty is an inner vibrational reality connected to about fifty trillion living cells. Keep your cells real happy. Feed them the purest, filtered water and minerals from the sea, as you find in kelp tablets. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables..

Below you'll see a really beautiful slide show. This offers you some carefully selected HEALTH products from Amazon. Please put your mouse cursor point over each item in the slide show and more details will be revealed to you. It's quite magical, isn't it?

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