Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beautiful Mind Visualization Goal Manifestation

Beautiful Mind Visualizations > Goal

Now let's get you a beautiful mind. Here Dr Michael Beckwith leads you into a trance of alpha relaxation ... you begin to imagine a GOAL that YOU want to manifest. Michael speaks to you, that you have it now.

Experience the joy, the blissful feelings of really "having it NOW" - and yes, you can because your brain doesn't know the difference between what's imagined, what's remembered and what it sees.. Hard to believe? Enter a new paradigm where you are responsible for manifesting what you want. Your visualizing, your creative right brain feels, experiences and creates the IMAGE of you - having it, doing it..

Believe and trust in this process. It works if you let it work. You are creator of your thoughts, feelings, actions, habits and personality. You make a thousand choices and decisions and YES - you can do this!

Now wasn't that music...that experience, so inspiring? I use stereo headphones, by the way. Now you'll see a new way to have beauty - a beautiful Mind of powerful goal manifesting ability. Just do it. Coz it works.. Love always.

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