Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top Model Most Beautiful Woman

Top Model Most Beautiful Woman

From a man's point of view, a most beautiful woman is a natural person without affectation. Her body would be curvy - even curvaceous - and her spirit intact. Therefore, the character has to be genuine with a definite integrity. Virtues are required for goodness in the home. Caring for the husband and children. This all sounds so old-fashioned but wait! What the heck has happened to modern city-based society?

People are behaving like... dare I say, trash. Somehow, the entertainment industry has taken over. The digital age is here, reigning supreme. Apple is making a 28 billion dollar profit. But values and virtues went down the drain steadily since the early 1950s. Rock 'n Roll ushered in a new decadence of hedonism - not much different from the roaring 20s just before The Great Depression of the 1930s. What lies ahead for humanity?

The most beautiful woman, our in-house model, our top model is here for a quick hello again. Here is a picture of our most beautiful woman, again for you:

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